Dress for success?!

Monday morning. The cupboard is wide open. What to wear? I don’t spend much time deciding, I simply reach in to find something smart, comfortable and me!

I am amazed at just how many stories, psychological theories, opinions and speculation there is out there on this subject. Google brings up right and wrong ways to dress, news, videos and even maps that open up your nearest clothing stores. One has to wonder! Does dress really lead to success?

It seems that our visual perception according to certain standards is what the world wants and it appears that if you don’t abide by these so-called standards you get looked over. The result – failure and not success.

That may be true to some extent, but for me, there is something a bit more deeper and authentic in the why I dress up.

When I get dressed in the morning, my number one goal is to feel good within myself, followed by comfort, an absolute must. It expresses my own self-confidence and belief in myself that I can take on the day with enthusiasm and hope, with very little intention to outwardly impress. It’s about feeling confident enough to make a difference even in an ordinary day where the extraordinary is rare.

Whatever I choose to wear is enough for me. It simply means exuding that which I believe is true about myself in my inner most being. And even if I dont dress up as per set expectations, or I get looked over because of this, it doesn’t worry me. Because at the end of the day I have to be true to myself and that speaks to my honest authentic view. That’s what it needs to be about, with no judgement. I choose to simply be extraordinary. And that’s my success!

Dont get caught up in the hype and egotistical mannerisms, worried about what others will think about you. It’s a silent killer that demeans who you really are.

It doesn’t mean because one is a manager or an executive that you have to wear heels or a suit and tie, compared to your general layman, sitting behind screens punching numbers all day. Anyone can wear a suit or a dress or heels. All I’m saying is let it be authentically you.

If it makes you feel good to wear heels and a pencil skirt and you are comfortable, then do so because it’s you. If smart pants and a pair of short block heel boots make you feel gorgeous, then that’s your thing. If you have to beef up your game a bit, for you and not for anyone else or your perceived image of your role, just do it. Trust me, it does something amazing to your confidence and the way you manage life.

The challenge here is to feel like you can take on the world – anyone, anywhere, without any pretences, as you!

In essence all I am saying is stand out in your own way and not as the world dictates or tries to define you. Get noticed by you! And if your spouse or partner notices and makes a comment, take it, absorb it and listen to their honesty. Just wear something that makes you feel extraordinary, with no judgement.

#Proud to be me!

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