The Currency of Trust

The ring. A circle with no end. It’s eternal. It’s endless. It’s a remarkable symbol of infinite love.

Long, long ago, in ancient Rome, the groom would give his bride an iron ring to be worn (iron for me could suggest a number of things, but surely they didn’t have things like BDSM in ancient times?!). The ring was worn on the fourth left finger as they believed that the fourth finger had a vein called the vena amoris, a vein that led straight to the heart. Creating a picture symbolic of true commitment. This vena amoris is however, just a myth as it does not exist in the human anatomy.

For me though, it seems that the myth revealed that the iron ring and the vena amoris went hand-in-hand. The ring of commitment was always associated with the fourth left finger – the vena amoris. I have to wonder that maybe in today’s modern society this is why we wear rings and continue this tradition, together with the ritual or symbolic meaning, seeking something like the vena amoris picture of perfection.

What would you answer if I asked you right now: Why do you wear a wedding ring (or engagement ring)? What does it mean to you?

For me, this is what I would say:

My ring, is trust in the form of currency! The currency is the ring itself, the meaning is trust in a neverending circle of endless infinite love. I can stand firmly and reliably say I wear my ring because I have given myself completely to my husband, I am his and he is mine. And one cannot do that if there is no trust. Trust is part and parcel of love. This is what my ring speaks to everyday.

Just this past week, due to my work schedule being a little out of the norm, I forgot to put my rings on one morning. Of course, I only realised this after I had already left home, and being driven by a schedule to catch the train I didn’t really have the time to drive home again. Now, I always expect my husband to wear his ring and sometimes I get a wee bit upset when he forgets. I always give him that raised eyebrow look (filled with love of course)! The tables are now turned. I wonder what I’m in for. I called to tell him and guess what he says?

Well babe, you have a free day to smack some sexy buttocks!

Not quite the response I was expecting!

But I guess this is exactly what I am referring to. He trusted me completely even to the point of making a joke knowing full well that I would never follow through with his comment. That should be enough for any woman! And man!

The currency of trust!

Who would have thought that a ring could speak of so much worth?!

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