The wisdom of the Oracle

The Oracle! Appropriately named by a friend. Consulting the Oracle is free and sometimes overwhelming but certainly helpful at times.

Just in case you have no idea what I am referring to, its Dr. GOOGLE (AKA the internet).

So let’s consider the Lotto and lottery winners. The Oracle has some interesting facts:

  • Approximately 70% of lottery winners blow their winnings within a few years (we dont hear about the other 30%)
  • At the same time those that won larger amounts seemed to retain it much longer (which really makes sense because there is so much more to spend so maybe these ones belong in the 30% group)
  • It doesn’t change overall happiness
  • It does however, change overall satisfaction
  • Some lose it all
  • Some go dilly
  • Some believe what they read
  • Other’s question!

I think the Oracle is confused or just very opinionated on a number of different facets. So you’re probably wondering why I brought this topic up. Well, a lot of my travelling to and from work is on our public train system. Funny enough, one of the things that is working in our country.

This past week on the train, I was sitting next to two Afrikaans gentlemen who started to talk about bank integration on app and web applications that allowed instant Lotto purchases and winnings post the draw.

Obviously the famous question came up:

What would you do with the money? And what would you do if you only had tomorrow left to spend it?

While I was seriously thinking long and hard about it, sure enough, the two men started talking about the latest cars and motorbikes, how cool it would be to have the latest speedster, that cruiser, to have heads turn just to notice. Don’t get me wrong, as lovely as that would be, I found myself digging a little deeper than on the materialistic layer. It didn’t take me long, but I decided what I wanted and shared my thoughts. It really was simple:

I want to buy a large plot in the Drakensburg or in a small town my husband and I love so much, a place called Clarens. Then build a beautiful B&B, prefarably off grid, have the most amazing coffee brewed at all hours, include some really cool outdoor activities (and some other potential options I would love to explore), a droning wonderland, and manage and live this life. That’s what I would want.

No, I’m not that person that would give all the money to a charity or welfare organisation. Given the state that South Africa is in and the amazing criminal leadership role models we have, it just wouldn’t seem fair for me to simply give my money into those grabing hands that take for their own good and greed. My contribution to our country would be to build and manage a home, a place of peace, a place of relaxation, a place where nature is respected, restored and worked with. A place where our children can run free through fields unspoilt by man. What more could one ask for?! That’s what I would want and where I would want to retire. Doing what my husband and I both love.

And there you have it, but of course I have to ask the question right back at you!

What would you do with the money? And what would you do if you only had tomorrow left to spend it?

I would love to hear your ideas!

6 thoughts on “The wisdom of the Oracle

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