Psychological Manipulation

This past week I learnt a very valuable lesson. It started with a simple talk I attended on social media security and how easy it is to hack a person. Social engineering is what they call it.

The statistics are indeed alarming especially when referring to children under the age of 18. In a nutshell, the talk explained how these engineers cleverly play on your emotions and fears. They do such a good job at projecting the idea that if you don’t take the required action as requested, you will for sure land up in trouble. And no one wants to be in trouble especially with the law. But before you know it, you’ve somehow given just enough information to be hacked. Manipulated!

Bank accounts, email information, business IP and data, all at risk. This play on emotions can be devastating in so many ways.

I guess when emotions are at the forefront, they can have the ability to detach you from reality. If this happens (more often than not), they initiate reactive responses that distort the truth and later you find yourself being dumped by an emotional wave, crashing over a sandbank, barely able to breathe. Left only with a wake of turmoil and a hacked identity. Ever been there?

So what’s the moral of the story:

When asked to act on something, or when a decision needs to be made, if it involves your emotion, don’t do it!

Trust your gut. Trust your heart. Know your rights!

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