The Battle of the Enormous!

Some time ago, way down in the Southern Drakensburg, we were once again camping with family. One of our favourite places to be, that almost always has all four seasons in a day and seasonal days of terminal rainfall.

You know what rain does? It brings out all those bugs one wouldn’t normally notice. As the rain swamps their nests and ground shelters, they seek out a drier and more comfortable location to settle in. You know, like your tent!

Needless to say, during one of those nights, a rather noisy flying bug had found it’s way into our tent and flew straight over our faces. Well, as I sat bolt upright, my hubby screamed like a girl and cowered underneath the bedding, leaving me to defend the both of us.


What was a girl supposed to do?!

Our camping neighbours all heard the commotion so I stand true to my word!

No one likes to be woken up from a deep, peaceful sleep, uncertain of what you will face on waking up. I recall my own racing heart beating in my chest, but of course I still had to get up to find a light bright enough to search for this bug. After all, my hubby appeared to be paralyzed underneath the warmth of the bedding. Funny though how he was fully operational in providing instructions!


Needless to say, this bug certainly sounded enormous. On spotting it, I crept up and pounced on top of it, wrestled it to the ground, amidst shrieks of fear. Feelers and legs in all directions.

Ok not quite! But I did get it, together with the moral support coming from deep within the bed!


Just the other day my hubby calls me from down the passage.


I hesitated a little anticipating the rest of his sentence, but it didn’t come. And so in slow motion I start to head towards him when this time he shouts:


Of course he expects me to know that by saying ‘Babe’ on it’s own that something is wrong and he is trying to catch a bug of some sort. I mean, seriously!

As I arrived he shouted:

“There’s a cockroach as big as my hand and now it’s run off!”

Do yourself a favour and just read what he said again. Then hold your hand out and imagine a cockroach as big as your hand. My hand is about 17cm long. Thats one enormously sized cockroach. One enormously sized imagination!


Not long later he spots a mosquito also the size of his hand, just sailing past him waiting for that opportune moment to suck his blood! At least this time he tries to swat it with both hands and even though this mosquito was as big as his hand he still missed it.


But seriously! My hubby must be Commander and Chief of the enormous!

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