Focus 2020

I love this quotidian reference for 2020, a focused view to begin the new decade. It references what we all know as 20/20 vision.

Quite honestly, I thought that 20/20 vision referred to a measurement, such as a scoring system. I have always scored 20/20 and so never questioned this concept or even tried to understand why it was named as such.

Interestingly though, it simply means that one can see a specific line of letters, of what is normally acceptable, at a distance of 20 feet. It’s kind-of like the norm. A marker of sorts.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you do not need glasses. Having 20/20 vision is only referring to the clarity of your eyesight. How clear and precise your sight is. Things like colour, depth perception, movement tracking or contrast sensitivity is not indicated here.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make?

I don’t know about you, but over this past week all I have heard around me is new years resolutions, plans for the year ahead, goals to achieve, important dates to diarise, ultimatums, wishful words and expressed hopeful thoughts.

I guess many of us mean well and have the best of intentions to follow through on all those things. What I have often witnessed is when we want something bad enough, we will commit in words to anything that sounds good. It feels good in the moment. The problem with those feel good moments is that it is so easy to promise the world from a place of emotion and often results in nothing being achieved or delivered on. Just think back on how many resolutions you may have set in the past. How many of those did you actually stick to and honestly say you have achieved?

One of my favorite statements goes like this:

Big words, little action.

We are all guilty of that. But maybe this year the focus can be on just one thing. Just on the clarity so to speak.

What is that one thing you have always wanted to do, or achieve, or simply just be good at? Maybe it’s your marriage, a musical instrument, a running race, a career change, a new language or consolidating debt. Just one something.

Listing so many different things can be exceedingly overwhelming and often debilitating.

And so my challenge is this:

  • Seek clarity – clear and precise, what is that one thing you want to do?
  • Decide how you going to achieve it, emotion free
  • Focus on that one thing until it is achieved

And everything else will fall into place. The colour and movement and depth will infiltrate and make you alive.

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