With pause comes possibility

27 March 2020:

Day one of lock down in South Africa. Entered into with uncertainty and trepidation. Most citizens from what I hear, seemingly convinced that this is all a game, whilst others actively and decidedly playing their part in abiding by the law, supporting the leadership of this country (irrespective of their historical incompetence), with a serious endeavor to contribute to the flattening of the curve.

So now what? 21 days of what?

For those working, the time will be spent engaging in those necessary activities. For others, maybe home renovations, maybe learning a new skill to cook or bake or craft. For those who have lost their employment, it may be a time of despair and anger, coupled with determination to find a new source of income.

But one thing that gripped my heart this past week was my CEO who simply said:

“With pause comes possibility!”

A powerful statement, just imagine what could come of this!

With pause comes vision. With pause comes a renewed and refreshed purpose. With pause comes a stillness, a peace we have lost in the midst of our urgent and busy lifestyles. With pause comes silence, a decluttering of the mind and it’s thoughts. With pause comes time.

Time, forced upon us in these days of uncertainty.

Oh but what a gift!

With time, great potential has an opportunity to dig down deep and find it’s roots. Maybe we find our connection with our Creator. Maybe relationships will find a new beginning. Maybe families will be restored. Maybe creativity is found. Maybe we will finally understand and see the subtle deception and misconceived value of materialism, money and greed (Crazy Little Thing). Maybe nature recovers (Nature at its best). Maybe we will learn how to love again.

Allow me to be a little bold and say that maybe COVID-19 (Viral Mania) is the best thing that has happened to the world! Surely we could never be the same!

2 thoughts on “With pause comes possibility

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