The winds are changing

Lately, I noticed Autumn had come and gone. Literally overnight. The leaves fell, turned brown and died. Instantly becoming crisp to the touch, breaking into tiny pieces when crushed. One day it was Summer and then it was Winter. And sadly, I missed those beautiful feuille morte colours of the autumn leaves.

Where did Autumn go? It feels as though this year it just never happened! Could it be a message that maybe it’s time for some things to instantly die? I know this is going to sound ironic but I’m talking about those dreams and hopes we refuse to let go of and yet continue to nurture despite seeing little to no growth. I mean who in their right mind will agree to let a dream just die and potentially give up hope?

Inside my cupboard door I have a hanging heart chalk board that my hubby uses to send me messages. It’s a love language that really works for me. I love the anticipation of what may be written next, the long or short wait. And believe it or not, while wrestling with my own hopes and dreams this past while, trying to figure out why I should simply lay them down and let them die, is because of this note he left for me:

My heart smiled. It’s not about being comfortable. It’s not about attaining wealth. It’s about a life being lived with a purpose, making a difference. That’s all I needed. Sometimes we need to lay down those hopes and dreams, let them die so that new ones may grow. Overnight! There simply is no better time than now.

We are all experiencing this worldwide pandemic in respect of the COVID19 outbreak. There is something so much bigger at play here. The times are changing. Nothing will be the same going forward.

And so I have to ask how much am I willing to sacrifice? After all, possessions are just material objects that will be here one day and gone the next (especially living in South Africa)! We don’t need materialism to make an impact.

I challenge you to think about this and maybe dive into these two reads:

Time to challenge the comfort zone

And what do we do, how do we decide?

Decidingly decisive

Love – Listen, options, value alignment and eternal consequences.

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