The Great Reset

It begins. The most undeniably daunting and yet exceptionally exciting journey has began. We are embarking on what my husband terms The Great Reset.

Personally this means a number of things. It means grabbing hold of the unknown, amidst a pandemic of absolute uncertainty. It means ridding ourselves of materialism, sacrificing comforts and saying no to the formidable wants of the now. It’s about choosing to see the bigger picture in the long run, despite the seemingly unconquerable obstacles that have already shown themselves. It means resting our future in the hands of the One who made it all, attempting to live with true humility and embracing that which is bold and brave.

The great reset. Re-birthing ourselves into an adventure and into our calling of which we still are so unsure about, hoping these conscious choices lead us back to the important things in life. That which truly matters.

And so here we lay it all down, including my blog. We are closing the book so to say, on this current beautiful story, hoping this epilogue grabs your attention and keeps you fascinated enough to hold on while we begin the prologue on another. I have to believe it’s going to be epic.

I will see you on the other side, with a story unlike any other.

Yours in blogging! Keep safe.

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