Imagine you are standing on a soft sandy beach or in a desert, whichever one you fancy. And in the sand you see the following:

I + XI = X

One plus eleven equals ten. It doesn’t make sense and one would say that this equation is undoubtedly false, right? One plus eleven equals twelve, not ten. If that was your thought process you would be 100% correct. But what if I said to you this equation is undoubtedly true and the answer is indeed ten?

Yes, I’m pretty sure you would think I’m a little crazy, uneducated or just really not good at math. Maybe. But sometimes things are really not what they seem.

My husband has a favourite word, called ‘Perspective‘. He never let’s me forget it and for good reason. Often we think that our perspective is the only one possible, when in fact there may just be another! In fact, I can say with almost 100% certainty that there is always another perspective even when we think all possibilities have been exhausted.

What I mean is this:

X = IX + I

Now this equation is undoubtedly true, right? Ten equals nine plus one. That cannot be denied. But take a good look. It is the exact upside down or back-to-front version of the previous equation. Whichever side of the equation you are standing on or looking at, your perspective will be different. One perspective will appear false and the other true. How can this be?

Well, it is simply a point of view, a disposition. Sometimes we are physically, emotionally or mentally in a different space to those around us which leads to differing point of views and state of mind. And many exist. Some are true and some are false, but what may be true for you, will most likely be false for me and vice versa.

Different perspectives should not be misconstrued as right or wrong, or a form of punishment or even chaos. It is simply the gateway to the bigger picture and the One behind it all. It’s about applying wisdom and seeking that which we may not yet understand.

Acceptance without judgement is the key.

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