A Great Attitude

…is gratitude! And without gratitude we have nothing but a bad attitude.

The definition is simple. One that provides perspective, as it all comes down to this: a characteristic or a quality of being thankful. Something that should flow from deep within without any reservations, resulting in a beautiful attractiveness.

I have to say I have so much to be grateful for. I have an amazing husband, family, friends, work; the ability to exercise, eat, see, hear and breathe; a bed, a home, a little garden with a touch of nature. And I’m sure the list could go on and on and on. Sometimes I really do need to dig deep to recognise these things and at other times, it just overflows.

So how do we stay grateful especially in today’s society where one has to literally fight just to survive? How do we stay grateful during times of loss, war, famine, violence and even lock-down?

I had to resort to the Oracle (The Wisdom of the Oracle), but all I could find was lists and lists of things like:

How to exercise gratefulness; gratefulness tips and tricks; quotes; so many ways to be grateful; keeping gratefulness journals etc.

But what I could not find the answer to is what the driving factor for gratefulness is? Surely it shouldn’t reside in the hands of others that invite us to a place of gratefulness. Surely we shouldn’t wait for a gift, a good deed or a miracle to be grateful. And yet if you think about it, since the day we were born we have been given absolutely everything we need for life, all beginning with the very breath of life.

When will we realise we have taken enough and it’s now time to give back?

Maybe that is the answer right there. Maybe gratefulness is right now, giving it all back, freely without hesitation with a great attitude. Whatever that may mean. It really does stir the still waters that run deep within my soul.

3 thoughts on “A Great Attitude

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  2. Antman

    Beautifully stated. Sometimes we need perspective to understand what we should be grateful for.
    As for giving…What’s the quote again ? “An unselfish act of true goodwill will always lead to another”
    And that is the giving which leads to gratefulness.
    Its a beautiful world still…and can be saved so much further with gratitude and love.

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