His and Hers

The day after Christmas, my hubby and I woke up early, eager to hit the road and head to my family. We have a pretty good morning routine and generally work together like a well oiled machine. No need to define what we have to do to get going, we just get on with it and do it. And so standing by the sink, washing up the few morning dishes, my hubby stops to think about what he is doing. He, the man, is washing dishes. While I, the lady, am packing the car.

It almost seems like that’s not the way it is supposed to be, right?

Well, we also have his and her irons. Yes we both iron, often together each with our own board and in our own peculiar ways. I guess we all understand the bathroom his and her basin and towels to match concept, but ironing?

We further have what I like to call insectuations (situations that involve insects and bugs). Generally I, the lady, is left to fend against the mosquitoes, cockroaches and other unknown insects and bugs that catch us by surprise, especially when we are sleeping. On the other hand, my hubby, the man, is rarely seen taking on any insect or bug other than flies, swatting them away with a ‘Zappem Dead’ electric racket. My knight in shining Armour! (The Battle of the Enormous)

I can only imagine, when we have a child what it will be like – I, the lady, will be the one running around for those nappies and urgently needed items we cannot go without, while he, the man, stays at home with our child and gets to experience all the cravings and joy of a pregnant woman. Maybe!

I’m guessing most of you are thinking there’s something not quite right with this picture. Weird? Crazy? Certainly not normal!

Well, maybe so, but for us it isn’t even something we have given much thought to. It took my hubby over three years to realise this odd phenomenon. But here’s the thing: my hubby is still the head of our home. We both just have strengths we naturally play to and we both have absolutely no need or want to prove our ability or worth to each other (other than the occasional game of Scrabble!). We are simply the best we can be for the benefit of the other. And that’s all we need. Remember we are who we are and together we become! Maybe that’s all you need?

Just be you and the right people will love you for it!


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