What’s in a name?

Why is it that we attach names to humans, pets, general stuff and things?

For example, we all know the typical love-type names we give to our human partners. The kind like ‘Pookie’, ‘Babe’, ‘Sweetie’, ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Lovie’, ‘Darling’, ‘Snookems’, etc. But what names do we give our stuff and things?

Let me start with character-like things such as motor vehicles. I once had a rather ugly looking box shaped Toyota Corolla, that reminded me of ‘Pumba’ from The Lion King. She really went well, conquered most roads and destinations, seriously hard core and so ‘Pumba’ was indeed befitting. I also had a golden coloured Mazda 2 named ‘Bumble Bee’. As the saying goes: ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!’ She just cruised, and yet caught your attention! More recently my hubby and I had a ceramic white Mazda CX3, super sleek, smooth, fast and incredibly sexy to say the least. No better name exists other than ‘Sexy3’ (Coincidence or not).

Then we have 2 dogs, one named ‘Puddles’ and the other ‘Scottie’. Both shy, very well behaved, very attentive, and eager to give love when required. Puddles has super big round dark brown eyes, much like those puddles that are formed after a good rain storm. My conversations with him often start with: “Puddles, your eyes are like pools…mud pools”, and I laugh while he barks (in my imagination). And then we have Scottie, well he is a Scottish terrier hence the shortened name!

And not to forget our two valentine pillows, that by design will always cause one to break out in a smile. And so each time we walk into our bedroom we encounter ‘Nerdy’ and ‘PooPooh’. I am very sure no explanation is required!

Top Left: Scottie; Top Right: Puddles; Bottom Left: Nerdy; Bottom Right: PooPooh

Then we have things that somehow acquire a name simply because of circumstances or the perceived attachment of momentary emotion. My hubby bought me one of those long cylindrical memory foam pillows which I can literally wrap around my body to shape the comfort I desire. Well, his name is ‘Mr. Wiggles’! When I first pulled him out the bag he began to unroll and grow rather big as the memory foam started to recover and take shape. Then of course with a big smile, I held him up on one end but the other end continued to wiggle about. Simply Mr. Wiggles is a ‘he’ (as a female Mrs Wiggles just would not fit the role!). And I have to say…he is a superb pillow fighting weapon!

To add, we have a next door neighbour who, in my opinion, is classed as an object in my books. This type of object requires a name that is descriptive of his mannerisms and dare I say personality! I have been told however, that the nickname I have given him is actually a very bad Afrikaans word. Yes, I will happily take the wrack on the knuckles. But I must say, ‘Mr. D___’ certainly fits the sometimes far too offensive profile of this object!

So what’s in a name for you? Despite all the research out there, I guess in a nutshell, I’m just going to say that the names we give or attach to things, help create our own magical world in which anything can happen! It’s a way of keeping the humour alive.

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