More than once now, my hubby and I have gone away for some time out, you know just some us time. We love the drive, the music, the conversation, the views, the entire journey. It really is simply amazing.

And somewhere along the way, he would say something like ‘Remember this babe?’, and then I would stare blankly back at him. Maybe my eyes start shooting invisible darts or something because I can almost see and hear his brain instantly back pedaling into reverse mode while I desperately search my memory bank for any inkling of a memory, a photograph, a visual. But no, nothing exists.

I know as we get more older and wiser, moments and memories tend to blur into each other. Time is indeed unstoppable. But even so, I certainly do not want to live a pre-ex-girlfriend memory with my husband. As shocking as that may sound, we do eventually get to laugh about it.

So to ensure this doesn’t happen again, I have taken up scrapbooking where all our memories are now being stored. No excuse to bring up anything else other than our own homegrown beautiful memories! After all, we want to make and remember our own memories right?! What is life without a witness?!

In light of this, my blog will too be drawing to an end. Not because I have too much scrapbooking to do, but simply because a new chapter (or book) is about to begin. I believe that life is an adventure, a beautiful and sometimes tough mountain to climb. A decision. A choice to be what I was called to be even when I have absolutely no idea at times. That means I have purpose and this blog was my voice to that purpose for this time.

Maybe in the seasons to come I will again get the chance to write with the hope of bringing a smile or even a ray of hope! To anyone, even just one.

So, be inspired and pratice gratitude A Great Attitude

Surround yourself with good, positive people and things Time to lose the aura vampires

Breathe With Pause Comes Possibility

Trust The Currency of Trust

Enjoy every moment and adventure The Mudslide Before the Crack

Seek perspective Perspective

Make good, wise, right decisions Decidingly Decisive

Be still Still the soul

One thought on “Remember…

  1. Alec Murray

    Hi Maz, I know its a late response to your travel memories, I too am amazed at what people remember. I am really happy for you, it maybe little things that you and he have done together that has meant alot to him. He LOVES you. I was standing in the queue at Pick n Pay last month, everybody wearing masks. I turned around to say something to the lady behind me, but she said to me , “You are Alec Murray are,nt you” Yes but how do you know me. She told me that she was married to a class mate of mine and that he had passed away 19 years ago. I know that I had not seen them for well over 25 years, she recognized me after all those years even when I was wearing a face mask. I did not tell her even after she told me her name that I do not remember her. I have frot memory. Love you lots Alec


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